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DHS Table of Organization

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Workflow and Business Process Maps
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  1. Medicaid for Adults, Initial Application
  2. Medicaid for Adults, Change
  3. Medicaid for Adults, Review
  4. Transitional Medicaid Review
  5. Medicaid for Disabled, Initial Application
  6. Medicaid for Disabled, Assess Disability Status
  7. Medicaid for Elderly, Initial Application
  8. Medicaid for Elderly/Disabled, Change
  9. Medicaid for Elderly/Disabled, Review
  10. Medicaid for Child, Initial Application
  11. Medicaid for Child, Review
  12. Medicaid for Child, Change
  13. Medicaid Application Grace Period
  14. Presumptive Eligibility Children
  15. Presumptive Eligibility Pregnancy and BCCT
  16. Medically Needy with Spend Down
  17. Medicaid for Kids with Special Needs (MKSN)
  18. Medicaid for Out-of-Home Care
  19. Medicaid for Foster Care, Initial Determination
  20. Medicaid for Foster Care, Change
  21. Medicaid for Foster Care, Review
  22. CHIP/hawk-I Initial Application
  23. CHIP/hawk-I Review
  24. CHIP/hawk-I Change
  25. Express Lane Eligibility for Children
  26. IowaCare
  27. Subsidized Adoption
  28. Subsidized Adoption Review
  29. Subsidized Adoption Change
  30. ISIS Referral Waiver
  31. ISIS Referral PACE
  32. ISIS Referral Facility
  33. Iowa Family Planning Network (IFPN- Family Planning)
  34. IFPN Change
  35. IFPN Review
  36. Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Initial Application
  37. Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Review
  38. Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Change
  39. Verification Process
  40. Food Assistance
  41. Food Assistance Change
  42. Food Assistance Recertification
  43. Food Assistance Disaster Assistance
  44. Assess Resource Income Eligibility
  45. FIP Initial Application
  46. FIP 6-Month Review
  47. FIP Change
  48. FIP Add-On
  49. FIP Hardship Claim
  50. Refugee Assistance
  51. Childcare
  52. Childcare Change
  53. Childcare Provider Approval
  54. Appeals Process

SFY 2011 Iowa Medicaid State Plan

SFY 2011 Iowa CHIP State Plan

Eligibility and Enrollment Blueprint – Exchange Business Architecture Supplement

DHS Data and Performance Reports

Sample Client Notifications



Images of people and children