The Division of Fiscal Management is part of the DHS General Administration infrastructure that supports all other functions of the department.  This division works to:


  • Ensure policy and program are compliant with federal and state regulations
  • Ensure sound stewardship of State resources, including oversight and management of more than a $5.2  billion budget annually
  • Position the Department to leverage and maximize federal funding by developing, implementing, and monitoring the DHS federal cost allocation plan
  • Track and measure results achieved through performance monitoring, review, and oversight of all contracts
  • Manage public and private partnerships to support the DHS business and vendor relationships
  • Provides corporate human resources support for the department

Recent Publications:

Social Services Block Grant Information


The Division is organized into four bureaus and the administrative office team.


The Bureau of Budget and Accounting coordinates development of the department's budget, monitors the legislative appropriation process, and accounts for the revenue and expenditures of the department. The bureau is also responsible for preparing and filing all federal and state financial reports and drawing federal funds as well as for maintaining compliance with federal and state financial rules and regulation.


The Bureau of Purchasing, Payments, and Receipts provides processing services for payment of invoices, managing employee payroll and benefits, deposit of receipts, receipt of overpayment recoveries, accounting for federal benefit checks, and purchase of goods for the department. Through the work of this bureau, providers, vendors, and staff receive nearly 34,000 payments for services to DHS and its customers. In addition, this bureau oversees payments to providers for foster care, daycare services, in-home health services, and adoption services processed through various specialized department payment systems. 


The Bureau of Service Contract Support is responsible for overall support and coordination for all services contracting conducted by the department. The Bureau provides technical assistance and training to Department staff on the services contracting procurement processes and requirements, including federal and state regulations that have an impact on service contracts and provider reimbursement.  The department had approximately 1600 contracts as of January 2012.


The Collection Services Center (CSC), assures that that receipting and distribution of child support are accurate, timely, and accomplished in accordance with federal and state requirements. CSC receives payments from people owing child support and disburses the payments to the families entitled to the support.

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