Child Welfare Advisory Committee

The Child Welfare Advisory Committee (CWAC)was established in April 2009 and is defined in Iowa Code 217.3A. The purpose of this group isto consult with and make recommendations to the Department of Human Services concerning policy issues related to child welfare, inlcuding but not limited to:
  • Budgets
  • Policies
  • Programs
Members of the State Child Welfare Advisory Council are appointed by the Council on Human Services. Membership includes representatives of child welfare service providers, juvenile court services, the Iowa foster and adoptive parent association, the child advocacy board, the coalition for family and children's services in Iowa, children's advocates, service consumers, and others who have training or knowledge related to child welfare services.
  • Membership Application - Currently there are no openings on the Child Welfare Advisory Committee. For more information please contact Michelle Muir at (515) 281-8785.
Current Member List (Updated July 2014)
Meetings of the Child Welfare Advisory Council are open to the public.Meeting times and materials are provided below.
CWAC Meeting Materials
                   2014               2013                   
January   No Meeting
February   No Meeting

3.8.13  Minutes  Agenda

April 4.11.14 - Minutes  Agenda         No Meeting
May   No Meeting
June 6.6.4 - Minutes   Agenda 6.7.13 - Minutes   Agenda
July   No Meeting
August   No Meeting
September   9.6.13 - Minutes  Agenda
October   No Meeting
November   No Meeting
December   12.13.13 - Minutes  Agenda




For more information about the Child Welfare Advisory Council please contact Lori VandeWall at 515-281-4174, or email