Council on Human Services

Iowa Council on Human Services 

Dr. Mark R. Peltan, Mason City, Chairperson 
Pastor Mark Anderson, Waverly, Vice-Chairperson 
Dr. Phyllis S. Hansell, Des Moines 
Roberta A. Yoder, Urbandale 
Guy W. Richardson, Jefferson 
Kimberly A. Spading, Coralville 
Alexa Heffernan, Cedar Falls

Ex-Officio Members 

State Senator Amanda Ragan 
State Senator Jack Whitver 
State Representative Lisa Heddens 
State Representative Joel Fry
Council on Human Services Members Picture
2012 Picture of Members from left: Director Chuck Palmer and Council members Phyllis Hansell, Roberta Yoder, Kim Spading, Guy Richardson, Mark Peltan (Chair), Mark Anderson (Vice-Chair), and Arnie Honkamp