Covered Services

Case management. Case management activities provided to each participant include:

  • Community involvement services to enable the participant to access community resources; and
  • Development of support systems, including services to assist the participant in establishing or reestablishing relationships with significant adults.

Individual face-to-face contact with the participant at a frequency as defined in the participant’s self-sufficiency plan is provided to ensure that the participant is meeting the goals of the plan. Each participant receives assistance developing a self-sufficiency plan based on an assessment of the participant’s strengths and needs. Each participant receives life skills services to enable participant to maintain a safe, healthy, and stable home.

The self-sufficiency plan will identify:

  • The participant’s goals for achieving self-sufficiency;
  • The target date for reaching the goals; and
  • The tasks, responsible parties, time frames, and desired outcomes needed to reach the goals.

Ongoing assessment. Ongoing assessment activities shall be directed toward:

  • Monitoring the progress being made in the participant’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency; and
  • Coordination and evaluation of the services and supports being provided to reach the self-sufficiency goal.

Limited payments to the participant are available to meet direct expenses of the participants in order to meet goals of the participant’s self-sufficiency plan.