Iowa Fatherhood Projects

Access and Visitation Grants

The Iowa Department of Human Services receives federal funds for services to facilitate access and visitation for non-custodial parents. State law requires federal access and visitation grant moneys be issued to private not-for-profit agencies that provide services designed to increase compliance with the child access provisions of court orders, including but not limited to providing neutral exchange sites, visitation counseling, and mediation services.

Bethany Christian Services of South Central Iowa
Serving Polk County 
July 1, 2013 -June 30, 2014

Services include: neutral drop-off and pick-up, mediation and visitation counseling.  The services were developed to assist non-custodial parents improve and increase their access and visitation time.  The agency also provides adoption and counseling services.

For more information, contact 
Marlene Hibma at (515) 270-0824

Youth and Shelter Services, Inc.

Serving Boone, Story and Marshall Counties 
July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

Services include:  neutral drop-off and pick-up, mediation, visitation counseling and development of parenting plans. These services are designed to assist non-custodial parents in providing emotional support to their children by improving access and increasing visitation time. 

For more information, contact:
Andrea Olson (515) 233-2250

Parental Obligation Pilot Project

The Iowa Department of Human Services developed the Parental Obligation Pilot Project (POPP) program as a way to assist parents in overcoming barriers which interfere with meeting their obligations to their children.  Participants receive support and education to improve their emotional, physical and financial responsibilities toward their children.

Fatherhood Initiative - YMCA of Greater Des Moines
Serving Polk County
July 1, 2013 -June 30, 2014

The Fatherhood Initiative at the John R. Grubb YMCA is a program designed to help strengthen parental skills and involvement of men who are living apart from their children.On-going weekly classes based on the National Fatherhood Initiative's 24/7 Dad Curriculum offers support in such areas as health and nutrition, effective communication, being a positive role model, co-parenting, financial education and community resources.

For more information contact:
Phil Simmons at (515) 471-8555