Resources for Dads

Visiting Nurse Services of Iowa (VNS of Iowa) - Fatherhood Initiative Program
VNS provides a variety of supportive services to meet the health and social service needs of the community.  Services through the Fatherhood Initiative Program include:
  • Guided Supervised Visits:  VNS of Iowa provides qualified master's level social workers and a facility for structured and guided supervised visits for fathers with their children.
  • Genetic Testing:  VNS of Iowa staff is available to facilitate, collect sampling and pay for the cost of paternity testing, in cases where the father is uncertain about paternity.
  • Legal Referrals:  VNS of Iowa has the ability to offer referrals for local family law attorneys offering legal services to assist fathers.
  • Fatherhood Specific Therapy Services:  VNS provides specialized therapeutic services to fathers with the purpose of exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviors for the greater purpose of problem-solving or achieving higher levels of functioning for fathers.
For more information, contact:
William Walker at (515) 558-9991
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