Rights and Responsibilities


  • Maintain files for each CAPP grantee, ensuring receipt of all necessary report are receiving by CAPP grantees

  • Provide an annual application to each CAPP grantee for extended contracting; monitor all spending of CAPP grantees, making recommendations to DHS for grantee renewal and grant awards

  • Provide for evaluation of CAPP grantees( received from University of Northern Iowa) to CAPP grantees and DHS; coordinate semi-annual education meetings for CAPP grantees

  • Participation in the statewide CAPP evaluation process


You have the right to ask an appeal if you disagree with a decision the Department of Humans Services makes.  For information on how to file, visit the Appeals section pages.  

You have the right to ask for an exception to policy for an item or service not otherwise covered by the Department of Human Services.  For information on how to file, visit the Exception to Policy page.