Farmers Market

More low-income Iowans have increased access to locally grown farm fresh food at selected Farmers Markets due to the efforts of theIowa Department of Human Services' Wireless EBT Project.
This Project provides wireless point-of-salesmachines to qualified vendors across the state. This enables vendors to accept the EBT food assistance card, MasterCard or Visa, or Discover.
The result of this project is that everyone benefits! Iowans are now be able to use their EBT, MasterCard, Visa, and Discoverto purchase food at the markets, providing easy access to the freshest food Iowa has to offer. And the project helps vendors as well by providing access to a client base that was previously unable to purchase their goods with the cards.
A video about the Iowa Wireless EBT Projectand farmers marketsis available by clicking (or right clicking) on the link below.
For more information about the project or to learn how to become a qualified vendor, contact:
Tracy Penick
Adult, Children & Family Services
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Current Issue: August 2014
The Iowa Wireless EBT Project is an "All Win" Opportunity for Food Assistance families, farmers, farmers markets, and local communities.
There are Farmers Markets throughout Iowa!
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