FSRP Services Overview

Family Safety, Risk, and Permanency (FSRP) Services is the primary family-centered service intervention purchased by the Department of Human Services (Department).  FSRP Services focus on promoting safety, permanency, and well-being for child(ren); and providing interventions to  preserve families, reunification of child(ren) who have been removed from their homes, or achieving alternative permanent family connections, such as through making and maintaining an adoptive or guardianship placement, for child(ren) who cannot return home.  The services are designed to deliver a flexible array of culturally responsive interventions and supports to achieve safety and permanency for child(ren) regardless of the settings in which a child(ren) reside. 

The facilitation of Family Team Decision-Making (FTDM) Meetings and Youth Transition Decision-Making (YTDM) Meetings on open Department Child Welfare Service cases are also provided within FSRP Services.