Population Health Improvement

Developing a plan to improve population health establishes a framework and strategy to improve health around the prevention and control of diabetes, obesity, and tobacco use, with both short term and long term impacts. Embedding process improvements within the delivery system will lead to earlier detection, reduced severity and the potential for chronic disease prevention. The plan to improve population health, when implemented effectively, has a long term return on investment that will last years past the SIM model Test in Iowa and supports sustainability. 

Secondary Drivers for Population Health Improvement
The Plan to Improve Population Health approach assesses and integrates local and state population health needs to establish, monitor and evaluate key population health metrics. Statewide strategic plans, developed in collaboration with existing health improvement programs, will be promoted to align interventions focused on the Iowa SIM statewide strategies. Coordination with existing health improvement efforts will prevent duplication and maximize resources. Although this driver impacts all three aims, the chief goals impacted are the improved health status for the population across Iowa. 

  1. Assess local and state environment to identify population health needs
  2. Develop and deploy interventions including statewide strategies
  3. Establish and monitor key population metrics

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