Performance Data

Measuring performance on important dimensions of health care by collecting and analyzing data to monitor systems.

Medicaid Managed Care Monthly Reports
Performance monitoring and data analysis are critical components in assessing how well the managed care organizations (MCO) are maintaining and improving the quality of care delivered to members. The monthly data reports are a snapshot of information on major contract compliance areas and member enrollment. The department examines the data from a compliance perspective and conducts further analysis if any issues are identified.

Medicaid Managed Care Evaluation - 2014 
This report presents the results of a study of how Iowa Medicaid members in four populations rated Medicaid, on a variety of measures, during 2014. The surveyed populations include the Adult Social Security Income (SSI), Adult Non-SSI, Child SSI, and Child Non-SSI. The report also shows a comparison between the SSI and non-SSI populations. 

Medicaid Statistical Report
The Medicaid Statistical Report is a summary by county report that shows eligibles, recipients served, and total payments for three categories - Total Medically Needy, Total All Other Medicaid, and Grand Total. It also has a total for each county grouped by regions. 

Public Reporting Measures
The Iowa Medicaid Enterprise Public Reporting Measures share enrollment, demographic, and budget information in relation to Iowa Medicaid members and programs. 

Quality performance measures seek to measure the degree to which evidence-based treatment guidelines are followed, where indicated, and assess the results of care.