Long Term Care

Long term care services are available for Medicaid members to help them maintain a good quality of life in settings such as their home or, if needed, in a facility. Services are intended to help people reach the highest degree of independence possible. "Your Guide to Medicaid" provides information on specific long term care services listed below.


Home and Community Based Services

Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) are Medicaid programs that give you more choices about how and where you receive services. Home and Community Based Services are for people with disabilities and older Iowans who need supports live in their home and community instead of going to an institution. There are several programs that provide home and community based supports. The program names are HCBS Waivers (there are seven waivers), Habilitation, PACE, Home Health, Hospice, and Targeted Case Management. In order to be eligible for Home and Community Based Services you must be eligible for Medicaid, need a certain level of care and meet the specific requirements of the waiver for which you are applying.

Intermediate Care Facilities for Intellectually Disabled

Intermediate Care Facilities for Intellectually Disabled provide 24-hour active treatment and services for persons with intellectual disabilities and other related conditions.

Residential Care Facilities

Residential Care Facilities provide organized continuous 24-hour care and services for persons who need supports other than nursing care.

Nursing Facilities & Skilled Nursing Facilities

Nursing facilities provide 24-hour care for individuals who need nursing or skilled nursing care. Medicaid helps with the cost of care in nursing facilities, but you must be medically and financially eligible for care in a nursing facility.

What is Nursing Home Compare?


Nursing Home Compare allows consumers to compare information about nursing homes. Use this information along with other information that you gather about nursing home facilities to help you make choices for you and your family. Nursing Home Compare is run by Medicare.

Long Term Care Assessment Scenarios