Rates and Payments

The Contractor is paid for performance and obtainment of the services and outcomes described in the Scope of Work Section of the Contract. 


The Agency will withhold the final up to $12,500.00 of the maximum Contract amount and provide to the Contractor after evidence of successfully achieving the following performance measures:

  • Performance Measure 1: Youth will develop an Improved Support System a. At least 80% of participants report the Council has informed them about supports and services, as indicated by survey response. b. At least 80% of participants report the Youth Council, when surveyed by the Contractor, report the Council staff understand the Foster Care System.
  • Performance Measure 2: Youth will contribute to improvements in the Child Welfare System a. Youth participation in the Council will increase during each Contract year by at least five percent. The Contractor will measure participation using Local Council meeting sign in sheets and will utilize previous year average council participation as a baseline.
  • Performance Measure 3: Youth Development a. More than 50% of youth will experience a leadership role during the Contract year, as indicated by a Contractor administered youth survey question, “In the past year, has the Council given you at least one experience where you practiced leadership?”
  • Performance Measure 4: Permanency a. At least 80% of participants will identify a Significant Adult Relationship during the Contract year.