Iowa’s community-based, person-centered mental health and disability services system will provide locally delivered services, a regional managed system, and statewide standards. Local access to mental health and disability services for adults shall be provided either by counties organized into a regional service system or by an individual county that is exempted from joining a region as provided in Iowa Code 331.389. Adult residents of Iowa will have access to mental health and disability services regardless of the location of their residence. Rule: Iowa Code 331.389 1.a

Regional leaders, guided by the regional management plan, coordinate quality community services that support individuals with disabilities in obtaining their maximum independence.

Addition information on Iowa’s Mental Health and Disability Services includes:

Map of Approved MHDS Regions

Policies, Plans & Reports

Information about county policies and procedures.

Regional CEO Contacts

List of the Regional CEO Contacts and their contact information.

Regional Coordinators of Disability Services

List of Regional Coordinators of Disability Services and their contact information.

Community Systems Consultants (CSC Staff)

Contact information for the community systems consultants and which counties each one covers.

Service Data

Select a county and view the county service data reports in RTF or PDF format.

Waiting List Status Report (PDF)

Find which regions have implemented a consumer waiting list.