CPC Administrators

CPC Administrators List (PDF format)

Central Point of Coordination (CPC) is the term adopted by the State County Management Committee to define the "Single Point of Entry" required by Chapter 331 of the Iowa Code. CPC is an administrative function and is a component of the managed system required by Chapter 331 of the Iowa Code (also referred to as SF 69). A CPC must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited school and has demonstrated competency in program administration and planning in human services or a related field working with people with disabilities. Some of the CPC duties include: centralized intake for persons wishing to access county funded MH/DD services, determine legal settlement, referral for service coordination, service and cost tracking, collection and reporting of data, authorizing funding within the guidelines established by the county management plan, public education, strategic planning, development of the annual MH/DD budget, quality assurance and collaboration with other funders, services providers, consumers and other stakeholders. The CPC is accountable to the County Board of Supervisors. The CPC carries out the management of the system as set forth in the county management plan as designed by the county and its stakeholders and approved by the Board of Supervisors and the Director of the Iowa Department of Human Services in coordination with the State County Management Committee. 

The development of a CPC function was in response to the problems in the past of access for individuals to services within the MH/DD service delivery system. The purpose of the management plan is to provide a clear defined process and management of the MH/DD funding system within the county. The CPC manages or provides oversight for the management of the system as outlined in the management plan. Some of the components of the plan include: designation of access points, an application process, emergency procedures, delegated functions, services authorization, referral, service and cost tracking, quality assurance, appeals process and how all the parts of the system provide for consumer and stakeholder input and assistance in the development and carrying out of the processes within the system. 

A major duty of a CPC is collaboration and coordination with consumers, stakeholders, judicial systems, Iowa Department of Human services, schools, public health, providers, AEA, law enforcement, empowerment areas, ministerial associations, area business, other counties, and the communities within the county. One of the key functions of the CPC is collaboration and coordination with all aspects of the individuals, communities, stakeholders and systems. It is the collaboration that develops the management system and provides the continuation in the development and management of the community based building process. The CPC and the others in the management system, tend to be individuals very involved in their communities as their function is so integral to all aspects of the community.