Independence Mental Health Institute

The Independence Mental Health Institute provides inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults, adolescents, and children.  The facility also offers a specialized residential program, the Psychiatric Medical Institution for Children (PMIC), for eligible children and adolescents.

Who is eligible to receive services:

The facility's mission is to treat northeast Iowans who have mental problems, and return them to their communities as soon as possible.  The facility serves children and adolescents from the eastern half of Iowa.

How to apply for services or refer someone to this facility:

Services are provided to any person in need of mental health treatment regardless of ability to pay.  All voluntary admissions funded, in part or in whole, by a county must be approved by the county Central Point of Coordination.

Involuntary admissions are made only if the Mental Health Institute has been designated by the county Central Point of Coordination for admission.

How to get more information:

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the facility's Social Work Department:

Timothy Main, Director of Social Services
Independence Mental Health Institute
2277 Iowa Avenue
Independence, Iowa 50644

Structure of the organization:

The facility is operated by the Iowa Department of Human Services, under the directorship of Charles M. Palmer and under the leadership of Richard Shults, Administrator, Division of Mental Health and Disability Services.  The facility's superintendent is Bhasker J. Dave, M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A.

The three major units (Adult Psychiatry Service, Child-Adolescent Psychiatry Service and Psychiatric Medical Institution for Children) are designed to permit care and treatment of individuals in a stable environment with secure living accommodations.  The multi-disciplinary treatment team provides a continuity of relationships with doctors, nurses, social workers, activities therapists, psychologists, and resident treatment workers.

Services provided:

The therapeutic effort is comprehensive and can include the use of medication, psychotherapy, group counseling, education, and activities therapies.  Each individual has an individualized treatment plan that not only focuses on one's problems, but also takes into account one's assets.  The major aspects of the plan include addressing the individual's psychological, physical, education/vocational, and social/cultural needs.  Individuals are encouraged to take part, together with staff members, in formulating their treatment plan.

The Independence Mental Health Institute operates a comprehensive educational program for child and adolescent patients.  The school operated by the institute is approved by the Department of Education and provides general education studies as well as a special education program.  Three-fourths of the child/adolescent population has been identified as being in need of special education.

People served:

The facility is located in Independence.  It serves adults for twenty-eight counties in northeast Iowa and it serves children and adolescents for forty-three counties.

Adult                              Children & Adolescents 
Catchment Area           
Catchment Area
Adult Catchment AreaChildren & Adolescents Catchment Area

Other information, innovations, awards:

Independence MHI is accredited by The Joint Commission and certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Tours of the facility can be scheduled and are available (throughout the year) to schools, groups, and organizations.  Please contact the facility by calling 319-334-2583 or writing for tour arrangements:

Rose Grover
Independence Mental Health Institute
2277 Iowa Avenue
Independence, Iowa 50644

For employment information at Independence MHI contact:
Human Resources Department
Mental Health Institute
2277 Iowa Avenue
Independence, Iowa 50644
Telephone: 319-334-5223