Office of Consumer Affairs

The Office of Consumer Affairs recruits youth, adults, and family members of children who have lived with mental illness, emotional challenges, or trauma to share their experiences in hope, healing, resilience and recovery with Iowa's Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Disability Services.

As a peer support network, it carries information about Iowa programs, services and initiatives to Iowans living with mental illness through its regional staff and advisory councils, newsletter, website, annual conference and periodic seminars and forums.

All Office of Consumer Affairs staff are people who live with mental illness or have family members who live with mental illness. Staff believe that state policy must reflect "nothing about us without us." We encourage you to make the Office of Consumer Affairs a resource!

  • Contact OCA regional staff with individual concerns or questions
  • Sign up to receive an informative quarterly newsletter (e-mail or hard copy, in English or Spanish)
  • Volunteer to be part of the OCA network of hope, healing, resilience, and recovery
  • Learn more about mental health services in Iowa through periodic trainings and forums

Contact Information:
Todd Noack, State Director
Dubuque, Iowa
Phone: 563-726-3244
Fax: 563-557-4447
E-mail: todd.noack@oca

Jackie Dieckmann, Region 1 
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Phone: 712-314-4585
Fax: 563-557-4447

Jim Paprocki, Region 2 
Waterloo, Iowa
Phone: 319-296-3737
Fax: 563-557-4447

David Lange, Region 3 
DeWitt, Iowa
Phone: 563-726-3244
Fax: 563-557-4447

Jorge Pena, Region 4
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Phone: 319-202-1509
Fax: 563-557-4447
E-mail: jorge.pena@oca

Jessica Tull, Region 5
Ames, Iowa
Phone: 256-343-2838
Fax: 563-557-4447