hawk-i Health Coverage for Kids

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It’s important for kids to have access to health coverage, and for working families in Iowa, there’s the option for low- or no-cost coverage through the Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa program, also known as hawk-i.

No family pays more than $40 a month for comprehensive coverage. Some families pay nothing at all. A child who qualifies for hawk-i health insurance will get their health coverage through a Managed Care Organization (MCO). 

The hawk-i program includes three health plans, or MCOs, to choose from:

  • Amerigroup Iowa, Inc.
  • AmeriHealth Caritas Iowa, Inc.
  • UnitedHealthcare Plan of the River Valley, Inc. 


Below are some of the eligibility requirements to determine if your child qualifies for the hawk-i program:

  • A resident of the state of Iowa
  • Under 19 years of age
  • Have no other health insurance
  • A citizen of the United States or a qualified alien
  • Be in a family that meets the hawk-i income limits (Check your family's income in the hawk-i income limits table to see if your children qualify for hawk-i)
  • Not a dependent of a State of Iowa employee
  • Not currently covered under the Medicaid program


Note: If you are a Native American or Alaska Native, please read additional information in the American Indian and Alaska Native Program web page.

Fill out an application, or call hawk-i, if you think your children may qualify. 

Have more questions? Check this webpage regularly for the most up-to-date information on the hawk-i program.

General hawk-i Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Care Organization (MCO) Frequently Asked Questions