Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Resource Center

Electronic Visit Verification, or EVV, will be implemented by the IME on a date that is to be determined, following a robust period of stakeholder engagement and program research. In December 2016, the 21st Century Cures Act was signed into law. This law requires EVV for personal care and home health services. EVV will be used to monitor the delivery and utilization of personal care and home health services in non-traditional settings and will provide verification of the visit with location information and a time stamp. EVV will be used to ensure quality and program integrity (PI).

In addition to the PI characteristics associated with EVV, the department also considers this to be a valuable mechanism to ensure that members are receiving the care they need that is outlined in their service plan. This system will help provide real time alerts when a provider is late or misses a medically necessary service included in a member’s service plan.

The information gathered from stakeholder engagement will inform the decisions that determine key aspects of the Iowa EVV program. The IME is working in collaboration with the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to develop and implement the EVV program. 

More information and training will be available leading up to the launch of the EVV program. Check back for regular updates.

EVV Informational Resources

Closed RFI Documents (MED-18-030)

EVV Stakeholder Workgroup Minutes