Rates and Payments

The Department purchases FSRP Services using a calendar month unit of services.  Payment for services started or ended during a calendar month will be prorated, using a daily rate calculated based on a 30-day month, based on the number of days of services were approved during the month.  Payments will be made for both the beginning and ending days of service.  The prorated daily amount will equal the monthly rate divided by thirty days.

Under the monthly unit, Contractors receive a monthly payment amount for each full calendar month a case is opened/approved for services and the Contractor meets the minimum monthly service delivery requirements.  The statewide base monthly payment amount for all contractors is $708.00 per month.  Contractors may be eligible to receive various performance-based incentive payments in addition to this base rate.

The FSRP Services contract is a performance-based contract.  A portion of the Contractor’s payment is determined by the outcome of families receiving services.  The following performance measures determine eligibility for performance pay.

Performance Measure 1 - Children are safe from abuse during episode of services and for twelve (12) consecutive months following the conclusion of their episode of services.  ($105 per case).

Performance Measure 2 –Children are safely maintained in their own homes during episodes of services and for six (6) consecutive months following the conclusion of their episode of services ($263 per case).

Performance Measure 3 - Children are reunified within twelve (12) months and remain at home without experiencing reentry into care within twelve (12) consecutive months of their reunification date. ($525 for each child).

Performance Measure 4 – Children achieve permanency through guardianship placement within eighteen (18) months of removal or through adoption within twenty-four months of removal ($525 for each child).