Countable Activities

Countable activities which can be used for meeting federal work participation:
1.    Unsubsidized Employment
2.    Subsidized Private-sector Employment
3.    Subsidized Public-sector Employment
4.    Work Experience
5.    On-the-Job Training (OJT)
6.    Job search and Job Readiness (see core and non-core activities for federal limits).   
7.    Community Service programs
8.    Vocational Education (see core and non-core activities for federal limits).
9.    Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment
10.  Providing Child Care Services to an Individual Who is Participating in a Community Service Program
11.  Education Directly Related to Employment 
12.  Satisfactory Attendance – Secondary School
To qualify under one of the federal countable activities, an activity must meet specific guidelines and be approved by the federal TANF agency.  For example, Workplace Essentials is a curriculum related to the soft-skills needed to succeed in the workplace and has been approved through Iowa's Work Verification Plan as an appropriate activity under the federal category of Job Search/Job Readiness.