Woodward Resource Center

The mission of Woodward Resource Center (WRC) is to prepare and support individuals to live in the community of their choice.  Discharge planning begins at admission. 

Who is eligible to receive services:

Children and adults with intellectual disabilities and other related disabilities from throughout the state of Iowa are eligible.  There are specific eligibility requirements for each type of service.

How to apply for services or refer someone to this facility:

If residential ICF/ID services may be needed, contact the county Central Point of Coordination Administrator for adults or the county Department of Human Services office or case manager for children for assistance in locating services.  If a decision is made to apply for WRC ICF/ID services, the application process begins by calling the Department of Human Service Help Desk at 866-347-7782. 

How to get more information:

To reach a specific person or department at WRC, call 515-438-2600. 
For information about services contact:
Kim Polish, Social Services Department
Woodward Resource Center
1251 - 334th Street
Woodward, IA 50276
Telephone: 515-438-3511
E-mail: kpolish@dhs.state.ia.us

Structure of the organization:

The facility is operated by the Iowa Department of Human Services, under the directorship of Jerry R. Foxhoven and under the leadership of Richard Shults, Administrator, Division of Mental Health and Disability Services.  The facility's superintendent is Marsha Edgington.

Multidisciplinary teams are led by Qualified Mental Retardation Professionals (QMRPs) in an integrated approach to service provision.  Team members include the individual, the individual's family/guardian, local county or DHS staff, direct support professionals, psychologist, psychology assistant, social worker, occupational therapist, speech/language pathologist, physical therapist, audiologist, vocational/day program specialist, leisure specialist, dietician, nurse, physician, pharmacist, psychiatrist, and dental assistant.  Specialty medical services are offered by community providers through on-campus clinics and include dental, neurology, podiatry, endocrinology, gynecology, and ophthalmology.  A person-centered approach is used with the goal for each person who chooses to move to the community to have that opportunity. 

Services provided:

Intermediate Care Facility: Intellectually Disabled (ICF:ID) Residential Services

Woodward Resource Center (WRC) works with the community to explore all reasonable and appropriate options before a person comes to live on the campus. Generally, people come to WRC because they need the specialized expertise available due to behavioral or medical conditions that are complex and chronic.

Consumers, working as part of their interdisciplinary team, help to develop their own Individual Support Plans, which are designed to meet individual preferences and needs. Professional and direct service staff supports the person in meeting these goals. All services offered on the campus meet rigorous federal standards for active treatment, safety, and health.


The goal of our community outreach services to persons with disabilities, their families, and providers is to help people to be successfully supported in their communities.  For assistance, please call.  Early intervention is often the most successful. 


Consultations are provided by staff with expertise in the particular area of need. Service is provided where the consumer lives and works or goes to school; if the customer prefers, service can be provided on the campus or over the Iowa Communications Network.

Time-Limited Assessments

Time-Limited Assessments are offered for a period of up to 31 days on the Woodward campus as part of the ICF/ID program in order to determine effective treatment options that can be used to support a consumer in the community; follow-up services are offered when the consumer returns home.

Conferences and Training

Events for Iowa families and staff of providers bring nationally known experts to central Iowa for cost-effective training. Staff training is also provided in the community or on the campus of the Woodward Resource Center.



The Woodward Resource Center offers an Adaptive Prosocial Performance Learning Environment (APPLE) within the ICF/ID program to people with mental retardation who have documented histories of sexual offenses, alleged sexual misconduct, or socially unacceptable behavior of a sexual nature, and to people with mental retardation who have survived sexual abuse.  The team can provide consultation and training for individuals with disabilities and providers throughout the state. 

Assistive Technology

When individuals with disabilities can control their environment, they can participate more fully and independently in daily living. WRC works with the Iowa State University Engineering Department to design and provide the technology that allows people that control.  This service is available to people with disabilities throughout the state.  Consultation also may be provided by telephone. 

Autism Services

The Autism Assessment & Approaches team (AAA) supports specialized campus residential and vocational sites as well as providing consultation and training statewide. The AAA offers learning opportunities, networking and support for parents and professionals.

Physical Nutrition Management Team

This team evaluates, treats and manages dysphagia (feeding disorders) and oral motor dysfunction. The team considers positioning, nutrition, and all activities that involve swallowing.  The team can provide consultation and training for individuals with disabilities and providers throughout the state.  

Behavioral Services

Behavioral Services includes highly structured assessment methods to generate efficient plans that families and service providers can use to bring about positive changes in the lives of persons presenting challenging behaviors.  Services include:

  • Leadership and training in the use of Applied Behavior Analysis, Positive Behavior Supports and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Functional Analyses of Behavior;
  • Development and implementation of behavior support procedures consistent with the results of Functional Analysis of Behavior;
  • Ongoing technical assistance to those receiving WRC services; and
  • A hierarchy of behavioral interventions to address the challenging behaviors of individuals.

Respite care

Respite care is the top priority of need expressed by families since it supports family unity and reduces the need for out-of-home placement. Woodward Resource Center, utilizing funding for which families qualify, offers:

  • Weekend respite on the WRC campus and
  • Week-long respite camps during school breaks on the WRC campus.

In-Home Service

Supported Community Living is provided in surrounding communities to help people remain in their own homes.

Eligibility for Family Support and Respite Care

As resources and regulations permit, Woodward Resource Center will provide respite care to individuals of all ages with all kinds of disabilities. Respite may also be available for siblings and for others who do not have a disability, but who are "at-risk" and need temporary care.  WRC is an enrolled provider of Respite Services through the Home and Community-Based Intellectual Disability Waiver, Ill and Handicapped Waiver, Brain Injury Waiver, Children's Mental Health Waiver, and Habilitation Services.  WRC is an enrolled provider of Supported Community Living Services through the Home and Community-Based Intellectual Disability Waiver, Brain Injury Waiver, Children's Mental Health Waiver, and Habilitation Services.

Supported Community Living and Employment

Using information gained from the Individual Support Plan and with supports provided by WRC staff, some persons living on the campus hold jobs in surrounding communities; others eventually move to a home in the community. WRC is enrolled through the Home and Community-Based Mental Retardation Waiver to provide:

  • Supported Employment
  • Supported Community Living
  • Adult Day Service
  • Transportation

Funding for Supported Community Living and Employment

Woodward Resource Center has been approved for these funding sources: HCBS ID waiver, HCBS Ill & Handicapped Waiver, HCBS Brain Injury Waiver, Children's Mental Health Waiver, and HCBS Habilitation Waiver.

WRC staff can assist in identifying appropriate funding sources.

People served:

The Woodward Resource Center campus is located in Woodward, Iowa and serves people mainly from a 47-county catchment area within the state.  

Intermediate Care Facility: Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID) residential services are provided on the campus for about 184 people with intellectual disabilities. There is a trend of decreasing the size of the ICF/ID program by 12 people per year.  People currently served are from throughout the state. 

Supported community living and supported employment services through the HCBS/MR Waiver are provided to approximately 40 adults with intellectual disabilities living in the Ames, Boone, Waukee, and Des Moines areas. 

Respite services are provided on campus during respite weeks and weekends and are open to individuals with disabilities from throughout the state. 

Supported Community Living services are provided to individuals living with their families within a 50-mile radius of WRC. 

Consultation, training, and assistive technology are available to families and others who provide services and supports for people with disabilities throughout the state. 

Inpatient Time Limited Assessment is provided as space allows on the WRC campus within the ICF/ID program for up to 31 days for persons with mental retardation from throughout the state.

Other information:

For WRC employment information contact:

Human Resources Department
Woodward Resource Center
1251 - 334th Street
Woodward, IA 50276
Telephone: 515-438-3180