Job Skills Training

Over the years, the Bureau has partnered with a number of agencies to develop refugee specific job training skills classes. For more information about existing classes or inquiries about developing new classes contact Loren Bawn. Following are examples of some of the more recent skills training which have been offered. Not all of these are currently available and there may be, from time to time, new ones added.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Classes have been arranged through both the Des Moines Area Community College and currently with Mercy College of Health Sciences. An English and math assessment test must be taken by any refugee seeking to enroll in the class and a minimum score must be achieved. The typical class is 165 hours. Each class is limited to 10 students. Classes are offered when funding is available and it is determined that an adequate number of qualified students are available.

Vocational English as a Second Language

A variety of employment related English As A Second Language classes have been developed. Classes focus on the development of English and vocabulary skills related to specific employment settings or to employment in general. The goal is to improve the students' employment skills in order to obtain employment, to improve job specific skills and to become more qualified for job advancements and upgrades. In some cases the classes have been offered at the student's work site.