Safety Plan Services Overview

Safety Plan Services is a time-limited service package that helps maintain child safety while Department staff completes a Child Protective Services (CPS) Child Abuse Assessment or Child Protective Services (CPS) CINA Assessment in which children are determined to be conditionally safe.  These services are provided in the child(ren)’s home or in locations as specified in the Department Safety Plan.  These services involve provision of a flexible array of monitoring activities and interventions used to supplement the family’s protective capacities needed to keep child(ren) safe.  Services are to assure that the child(ren) is safe and that without such services the removal of the child(ren) from the home or current placement would be necessary. 

Safety Plan Services will keep child(ren) safe from neglect and abuse and will maintain or improve a child(ren)'s safety status through provision of timely and culturally sensitive safety enhancement interventions.  Services and activities provided will move child(ren) from conditionally safe to safe status during service delivery.