Covered Services

Safety Plan Service activities are individualized and focus on the issues and tasks identified in each case’s individualized Department Safety Plan.  The Department Safety Plan identifies safety concerns and involves the family in addressing safety needs and documenting actions to be taken to ensure safety of the child victim and the other children.  Below is a list of core activities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Safety Checks and Supervision activities to monitor and evaluate the safety of the children.
  • Activities to provide assistance and basic education for families regarding household management skills and capacities related to immediate safety issues. 
  • Activities, or provision of funding, to help children and their family secure necessary concrete supports, such as food, diapers, cleaning supplies, house fumigation, etc., and to connect the children and family to community resources and informal supports.
  • Activities to monitor and ensure that a parent is keeping their mental health or substance abuse treatment appointments and taking their prescribed psychotropic medication, if appropriate to the case situation.
  • Activities to inspect and monitor the safety of the home environment.