Who are my customers

Programming is funded through service contracts awarded to local community-based volunteer councils.  These councils then provide services in their local communities, to program participants, with the support of various public/private partners.  

Target Population

Child abuse occurs in all types of families.  Therefore, there are no specific eligibility criteria for participants, however programs are especially designed to target families with one or more risk factors for child maltreatment:

  • Child risk factors include young children (0-5 years) and those with developmental delays and/or disabilities.  These children are most vulnerable because they lack natural protective capacities (i.e. speech, mobility, independence, etc.), typically gained later in development.  
  • Family risk factors for maltreatment include things like: 
- Parental substance abuse, 
- Domestic violence, 
- Caretaker mental/physical illness or disability, 
- Caretaker with a history as a victim of abuse/neglect as a child, and 
- Other environmental stressors, for example:
         > Family/community poverty;
         > Family structure (single-parent, young parent, parent incarcerated, etc.); and
         > Other factors may that limit formal/informal supports available (e.g. community violence, cultural/language barriers, displaced or refugee families, etc.)