Rates and Payments

Payment is negotiated within the contract, based on estimated contractor costs to meet deliverables, and dependent upon contractor’s compliance with identified Performance Measures in the following areas:

Council Establishment/Expansion and Administrative Support Performance Measures

  • Council Membership (% of councils with required representation for various disciplines)
  • Council Satisfaction w/ ICAPP Administrative Support (training, technical assistance, and council development)
  • Documentation, Reporting and Fiscal Management (approval/submission of council claims, monitoring council contracts, and quarterly service reports)

Program Research and Evaluation Performance Measures

  • Evidence-Based/Evidence-Informed Standards (minimum of 80% of funded projects)
  • Program Evaluation Tool (implementation of a program evaluation tool to measure change in protective factors)
  • Program Focus and Measured Outcomes (demonstrate evidence of gains in participant protective factors and use evaluation data to promote and  encourage the use of program models shown to be most effective)