Child Services

Child Welfare - Child welfare is the state's system of investigating and preventing abuse. Please visit the Child Welfare page for more information.  
Foster Care and Adoption - Learn about becoming an adoptive or foster parent. Learn how to access adoption records. Please visit the Foster Care and Adoption page for more information.  
Youth Services - Learn about programs to help older youth in the foster system and transitioning into adulthood.  Please visit the Youth Services page for more information.  
State Training School at Eldora - provides a continuum of supervision and rehabilitation programs, which meet the needs of males adjudicated delinquent, in a manner consistent with public safety. These services and programs individualize treatment and control the offender for his own benefit and the protection of society.  Please visit the State Training School page for more information.
Child Welfare Emergency Services - are an array of short term and temporary interventions provided to the service’s target population by the child welfare system that focus on children’s safety, permanence, and well-being. Please visit the Child Welfare Emergency Services page for more information.