Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Parent Partners program help?

The Parent Partner Approach is designed to deliver a flexible array of culturally sensitive supports to parents who are involved in child protection services.  The target population and priority for these mentoring supports are families whose child/ren have been removed from their parent’s care and/or who can only reside with their children under special conditions directed by the courts. 

What should I expect?

During the initial stages of a case, the Parent Partner averages four face-to-face visits per month with phone contact between visits.  The frequency of contact may vary after two to three months as the family works through their case plan. The number of visits is based on a family’s needs and case consultation with the Parent Partner Coordinator.

This program will remain flexible by providing the Parent Partner an opportunity to determine the amount of time they will commit to the Parent Partner role.  For example, one Parent Partner may be going to school and only wants to mentor two or three families but another Parent Partner may want to mentor 10-15 families.

How are Parent Partners selected?

Parent Partners are selected based upon their interpersonal skills, successes and proven abilities to overcome obstacles. Parent Partners have been involved with the Agency due to child protection issues. Parent Partners have experienced removal of children from their primary care and have since experienced successful reunification or resolution around termination of their parental rights. It is these experiences that make Parent Partners so beneficial to families who are currently receiving services due to child protection issues. Parent Partners are able to offer hope and realistic advice. They also form a critical link between the Agency worker, other professionals and the family.