Child Protective Services


The Child Protective Services intake unit receives reports of suspected abuse and neglect of children (under the age of 18 years) as well as reports that a child is in need of assistance from the Juvenile Court.  Anyone can report their concerns.  
Concerns of suspected abuse and neglect are assessed by a Child Protection Worker (CPW).  In every assessment, the CPW works with the family and others familiar with the family or child to:
  • Ensure the safety of the child, 
  • Better understand the concerns reported, 
  • Identify the strengths and supports that the family has in place, and 
  • Assist with referrals for services to meet the needs of the family.

Who Qualifies

The Department of Human Services has a legal responsibility to assess reports of suspected abuse when all of the following criteria are met:
  • The victim is a child (under the age of 18 years); and
  • The child is subjected to one or more of the categories of child abuse defined by law, Iowa Code section 232.68:
    • Physical abuse
    • Mental Injury 
    • Sexual abuse
    • Denial of critical care
    • Child prostitution
    • Presence of illegal drugs in a child’s body
    • Dangerous substance
    • Bestiality in the presence of a child
    • Allows access to a registered sex offender
    • Allows access to obscene materials
    • Child sex trafficking
  • The abuse is the result of the acts or omissions of a:
    • A person responsible for the care of the child; or 
    • A person 14 years or older who resides in a home with the child, if the allegation is sexual abuse; or
    • A person who engages in or allows sex trafficking of a child.


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Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right to ask for an appeal if you disagree with a decision the Department of Human Services makes. For information on how to file, visit the Appeals Section pages.
You have the right to ask for an exception to policy for an item or service not otherwise covered by the Department of Human Services. For information on how to file, visit the Exception to Policy page.
Child Abuse/Child Protective Services 
1-800-362-2178 (toll-free abuse hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Call the abuse hotline to report concerns of suspected abuse or neglect.
If a child is in imminent danger, call 911
If you have additional questions, you can contact:
Roxanne Riesberg, Child Protection Program Manager
Please do NOT email a report of suspected abuse or neglect as this email is not monitored during non-business hours and could result in a delayed response to the report.