Employment and Training Programs

Promoting Independence and Self-Sufficiency through Employment Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (PROMISE JOBS)
This program provides work and training services for people in families eligible for FIP cash assistance. Program services include:
  • Assessment of job readiness
  • Employment-related services - job club and job search, paid and unpaid work and post-employment services.
  • Basic education - high school completion, English as a Secondary Language and Adult Education.
  • Post-secondary education, including targeted employment-related education and short-term training.
  • Supportive services - referral to family planning counseling, parenting classes, life skills training, mentoring and family development.
The program also pays child care expenses for people participating in these activities and transportation for people in activities other than paid work. A co-payment may be assessed for child care assistance provided when someone works.
Family Development and Self-Sufficiency (FaDSS)
This program provides intensive family development services to families receiving FIP who are identified as having multiple or severe barriers to self-sufficiency. FaDSS participants leaving FIP can continue to receive services for up to 90 consecutive days after leaving FIP.
Food Assistance Employment and Training program
The Food Assistance Employment and Training program provides employment and training services to non-FIP food assistance recipients for the purpose of enhancing their employability. Program services include:
  • Assessment.
  • Employment-related services: job club and job search.
  • Basic education: high school completion, English as a Secondary Language and Adult Basic Education
This program also pays expenses for transportation and child care for people participating in these activities. For more information visit  Food Assistance Employment and Training program page.
Who Can Get Help?
To get help from PROMISE JOBS and the Family Development and Self-Sufficiency (FADSS) programs, you must be receiving FIP.
To get help from the Food Stamp Employment and Training Program (FSET), you must be receiving Food Assistance (formerly known as Food Stamps).
How do I apply?
To get most of our services, you must fill out an application form.
If you have access to a printer, you can print an application from this website (see links below).Complete the application by hand then return it to the DHS office serving the county where you live.
You can also get an application form from any county Department of Human Services (DHS) office. Click on the County DHS Office Locations link below to find the location of the county DHS office nearest you.
What if I Have Questions?
Any county DHS office can answer questions about the programs and services described here. Contact the county DHS office serving the county where you live (County DHS Office Locations).
The county DHS office serving your county is also listed in the State or County Government section of your local phone book, under "Department of Human Services" or just "Human Services".
To report a change to your Medicaid, Food Stamp or FIP case call:1-877-347-5678