Foster Group Care

Foster Group Care is one service of Iowa’s child welfare service continuum that offers a safe and protective structured living environment for eligible foster care children.  Care is provided in licensed facilities 24 hours a day and seven days per week offering room, board, and age appropriate and transitional Child Welfare Services.
Contractors provide foster group care services that are responsive to the unique needs of each child and that promote life skills development through training offered in this setting.  The service offers a safe and protective structured living environment where youth can thrive.  Around the clock parenting-type support is provided by qualified and competent staff and programs are designed to suit individual children in placement.  The safety, permanence, and well-being of children is addressed by:
  • Providing a stable living environment;
  • Engaging families to help eliminate conditions that may have led to a child’s Removal from their home;
  • Maintaining connections to home and community (in collaboration with the referral entities); and,
  • Providing for Children’s rehabilitation needs.