Covered Services

Family Safety, Risk, and Permanency Service Contractors use individualized case needs and results of Family Team Decision-Making (FTDM) meetings or Youth Transition Decision-Making (YTDM) meetings to direct the blend of services and supports provided in which family perspectives on concerns and service needs are included and sufficient to address the safety, risk, and permanency issues.  Below is a list that describes the range of core activities that may be necessary to achieve desired outcomes in types of cases referred for these services.  This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Family interaction planning and supervision of interaction between parents and children and between siblings;
  • Family functioning interventions;
  • Family reunification services and activities;
  • Concurrent and Permanency Planning service activities;
  • Safety Checks and Supervision service activities;
  • Household management assistance and instruction;
  • Activities or provision of funding;
  • Individualized case-specific services; and
  • Support to relative care placements and suitable others.