Managed Health Care (MediPASS or HMO)


Managed health care is a program that links members to a primary care provider who monitors, coordinates, and provides medical care. Enrolled members must receive care from or be referred by their designated provider for most health care needs.

Who does Managed Health Care cover?

In counties designated as mandatory managed health care counties, all Medicaid members are required to enroll in managed care except for the following:
  • Recipients in SSI-related aid types
  • Recipients in automatic redetermination aid types (eligibility is being reviewed)
  • Medically Needy recipients
  • Refugee spenddown recipients
  • Recipients who are Medicare beneficiaries
  • Recipients over 65 or under 21 who live in a psychiatric institution
  • Children in foster care or subsidized adoption
  • Women in presumptive eligibility coverage groups
  • Recipients in the HIPP program

What services are covered by Managed Health Care?

Coverage of specific medical services under managed care is subject to the same general conditions and restrictions that are applicable in regular Medicaid.

Where can I get medical care?

You may receive medical care from your MediPASS or HMO provider that you choose or was assigned to you.

How do I apply for Managed Health Care?

For more information about the Managed Health Care program visit the Managed Health Care Member Handbook.

To view a map that illustrates the current makeup of Managed Health Care in each county of Iowa, visit the Managed Health Care Map.

Meridian Health Plan is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that currently serves select Iowa counties.