State Training School Graduates Nine Students

Nine students from the State Training School (STS) at Eldora are set to graduate on November 22, 2017. Six of the student are earning high school diplomas and three are receiving high school equivalency (HiSET). 

Thus far in 2017, the STS has awarded 58 students (33 in special education) with high school diplomas and 11 students (5 in special education) with HiSET.  Mark Day, State Training School Superintendent stated, "I am so proud of what these young men have accomplished. They have all worked hard and deserve to move forward with brighter hopes for the future."    

The STS offers a holistic social, behavioral, psychiatric, academic and vocational program that utilizes counseling, treatment and consequences paired with praise and opportunity. Male youth, between the ages of 12 to 18, encounter fair and consistent rules which demonstrate respect for others, and, ultimately self-respect. Opportunity in the form of educational, vocational, social and recreational programs offers students the chance to find stability in their lives and security in their future. 

Transitional services are provided by Training School staff as well as contract staff in an effort to maximize each student’s chances for success upon return home.