Child Support Resources for Iowans

Dad and son playing on monkey bars.

The Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU) helps parents establish paternity and support orders and enforces orders forsupport.  Child support collections help families with children become self-sufficient.

Any family can apply for child support services and pay a $25 application fee.

In State Fiscal Year 2015, the CSRU had more than 172,000 cases. Total collections totaled more than $323 million. 

Services provided by CSRU include:

  • Locating parents and their employers or other income sources
  • Establishing paternity
  • Establishing support orders
  • Suspending and reinstating support orders
  • Modifying support orders
  • Registering other states’ orders for enforcement or modification in Iowa
  • Sending and receiving referrals for services to and from other states
  • Enforcing support orders 
  • Enforcing  health insurance orders through a payor’s employer
  • Receiving and disbursing child support and medical support payments
  • Answering customers’ questions and concerns

To get an application, visit the Child Support Recovery Unit website