State Innovation Model (SIM)

Awarded a $43.1 million federal grant over a four year period to support statewide health system transformation, Iowa is one of 11 states to receive State Innovation Model (SIM) testing grant. The grant  will be used to align and transform Iowa’s delivery system to one focused on population health. Our vision is that “Iowans experience better health and have access to accountable and affordable healthcare in every community”. Through the SIM program, Iowa will focus on two primary drivers; Aligning payers in value based purchasing (VBP) to effectively move the healthcare system from volume to value and equipping providers to engage in population health needs and focus on value outcomes. Together, these approaches ensure a robust, statewide healthcare transformation to achieve an environment where providers are paid on value outcomes and communities and health systems work together to produce healthier people in a system that is affordable and sustainable. 

Goals of the Iowa SIM Program 

Transformation in the Iowa health care system requires a broad vision and is a complicated task. It will require alignment of new partners who in the past have been competitors. It can be best understood as an operationalized change-processes sustained through an underlying payment reform increasingly aimed at quality. Read more about the Goals of the Iowa SIM Program.

Iowa SIM Vision

The Iowa SIM Vision of “Iowans experience better health and have access to accountable and affordable healthcare in every community” will be implemented through two Primary Drivers:  

1. Delivery System Reform
2. Payment Reform

In addition, the SIM Vision implementation will also be supported using three Cross Cutting Drivers:  

1. Iowa Roadmap to Improve Population Health
2. Social Determinants of Health
3. Health IT Enhancement and Quality Metrics Planning

News and Announcements

  • SIM Healthcare Innovation and Visioning Rountable Meeting: The public is invited to attend a meeting of the Iowa State Innovation Model (SIM) Healthcare Innovation and Visioning Roundtable to be held December 14, 2017, from 8:30 am to 11:00 am at the Des Moines Botanical Center, 909 Robert D. Ray Drive, Des Moines, Iowa 50309. The purpose of the Roundtable is to engage important leaders around the state to develop consensus and transform how the healthcare system operates and to best serve the need of all Iowans. Learn more by reading the Public Notice. The agenda for the meeting may be found below. 

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