IA Health Link Public Comment Meetings

The Iowa Department of Human Services held public comment meetings to gather input on the IA Health Link managed care program. Meetings were held once per month in varying locations throughout Iowa. Each meeting was scheduled for two hours, held in the evening to allow for public transportation availability, and held at the end of the work day. Meetings opened with a brief introduction from the Department staff attending each meeting. The introduction included a 10 minute update and overview of the IA Health Link program, initiative goals, and relevant information updates were given by the Department.

Summaries of the 2017 IA Health Link Public Comment Meetings
Summaries of the 2016 IA Health Link Public Comment Meetings
The Public Comment Meetings Process
  • Attendees signed in upon arrival to the meeting.
  • Attendees were asked to sign up to speak and spoke in the order of the sign-up sheet.
  • Three-five minute speaking limit per individual, additional time permitted after all attendees wishing to speak are done.
  • Meetings were comment-focused.
  • The Department accepted and answered questions at the end of meetings, as time allowed, ensuring there was first enough time to accept all comments.
  • Attendees were encouraged to submit comments in writing as well and blank comment forms were available at each meeting.
Support Staff in Attendance at the Meetings
The following individuals or representatives from a specific area attended each of the meetings:
  • Iowa Medicaid and DHS Staff
  • Iowa Medicaid Member Services 
  • Iowa Medicaid Provider Services 
  • Amerigroup Representatives
  • AmeriHealth Caritas Representatives
  • UnitedHealthcare Representatives

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding the IA Health Link 2016 or 2017 Public Comment Meetings, please contact imecommunications@dhs.state.ia.us.