Iowa SIM Vision

The Iowa SIM Vision states that:

Iowans experience better health and have access to accountable and affordable healthcare in every community

Transformation in the Iowa health care system requires a broad vision and is certainly a complicated task. Iowa’s two-pronged approach; payment reform balanced by delivery system reform will require alignment of new partners who in the past have been competitors. It can be best understood as an operationalized change-process sustained through an underlying payment reform increasingly aimed at quality. Iowa’s two-pronged approach; payment reform balanced by delivery system reform, while cross cutting drivers are key aspects woven into both payment and delivery system reform will pave the way for Iowa to continue to be successful even after the SIM Grant is over.  

In the post SIM environment, enough providers, payers and members engage in a value-based health system, so that by the year 2021 at least 80% of payments to healthcare providers are firmly linked to quality. The payment models both support and incentivize providers toward value (cost and quality). Providers and Payers use HIT transparently, in partnership to improve outcomes.

In the post SIM environment, payers, providers, communities and government agencies recognize that “healthcare” is inclusive of the broader definition of health; considerations of healthcare will include supporting services and activities that focus on keeping people well, lowering healthcare risk and the prevalence of chronic disease more than responding to unmanaged crisis. Providers have access to and the ability to use HIT data that support these broader health activities.

In the post SIM environment, providers use HIT data effectively to make better care decisions, target risk within their assigned population, take action during transitions of care, and follow-up on clinical and social care referrals. The data (and ideally, payment risk) spreads beyond traditional clinic walls to key aligned partners in the community helping to better address social determinants factors that are so critical to health outcomes.

In a post SIM environment, Iowans have robust healthcare coverage and access to services is readily available no matter where you live (urban or rural), but at the same time transformation efforts demanding better value influence that total costs come back in line with overall economic marketplace.

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