Covered Services

Group care contractors provide casework services that meet the needs of each individual through the child’s care plan.  Casework services may include, but are not limited to:
  • Crisis intervention; 
  • Daily living skills; 
  • Facilitating interpersonal relationships; and, 
  • Future planning and transitional placement services as required by each Child. 
Contractors are responsible for the following minimum service elements:
  • Implementing each child’s care plan; 
  • Documenting quarterly case reviews and semi-annual care plan review and revisions, with input from the child, the referral worker, and the family, unless a reason for noninvolvement is documented in the case record; 
  • Monitoring and recording each child’s behavior daily; 
  • Supervising the daily living activities of each child and providing oversight and maintenance of their general health and well-being; 
  • Scheduling in-person conferences as needed; 
  • Ensuring a supportive atmosphere and providing leadership and guidance to each child; 
  • Coordinating and participating in internal and external activities of each child; and, 
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with the referral worker.