Advisory Groups

Iowa Medicaid Advisory Groups

Medical Assistance Advisory Council (MAAC)
The purpose of the Medical Assistance Advisory Council is to advise the Director about health and medical care services under the medical assistance program." The Council is mandated by federal law and further established in Iowa Code. The MAAC Executive Committee meets monthly and the full MAAC Committee meets quarterly.

Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC)
The purpose of the CAC is to increase the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the Medicaid healthcare system. The CAC provides a process for physician/provider intervention to promote quality care, member safety, cost effectiveness and positive physician/provider relations through discussion about Medicaid benefits and healthcare services.

Process Improvement Working Group
The purpose of the Process Improvement Working Group is to provide the Medicaid Director with an in-depth review of the current Medicaid processes and then work with Medicaid staff, the Managed Care Organizations and providers to help improve the processes. The group consists of various Medicaid providers from across the state. The Department will provide updates to DHS Council, MAAC and the hawk-i board, as the group progresses.

Drug Utilization Review (DUR)
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires state Medicaid programs to have a drug utilization review (DUR) program consisting of prospective DUR, retrospective DUR, and an educational program. The goal of the DUR program is to ensure appropriate medication therapy, while permitting appropriate professional judgment to individualize medication therapy. In Iowa, the DUR Board is referred to as the Iowa Medicaid DUR Commission.  Click here for the DUR State Annual Report for SFY2013.

Pharmaceutical & Therapeutics (P & T)
The Pharmaceutical & Therapeutics Committee is charged by law with developing and providing ongoing review of the Preferred Drug List (PDL). The Committee reviews each product within a therapeutic class for pharmacology, indications, comparative clinical trials and adverse effects and safety, evaluated relative cost of each product and compared products within the same class to identify the most clinically effective, and cost efficient product. The Committee meets quarterly in a public forum.

hawk-i Board
The purpose of the Board is to provide direction to the Department of Human Services on the development, implementation, and ongoing administration of the hawk-i program. hawk-i is health care coverage for uninsured children of working families.

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