Environment Rating Scales

One way that programs can earn points in the QRS is by completing Environment Rating Scale (ERS) training, self-assessments, improvement plans, and  program assessments.  These scales are used to assess the quality of a child care program. These scales have been shown to be valid and reliable, and are used in many Quality Rating Systems throughout the United States.


What Is Iowa's Quality Rating System?


After reviewing the application and deciding which level you wish to apply for, print out the necessary forms and submit to your QRS regional specialist. 

How to Apply

You can download the necessary forms to apply for the QRS from this website.  For assistance in completing the forms, contact your QRS Child Care Consultant from the list below.

Iowa Quality Rating System

Welcome to Iowa's Quality Rating System (QRS), a voluntary child care rating system for child development homes, licensed child care centers and preschools, and Child care programs that are operated by school districts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in any of the Fee-for-Service (FFS) programs, the information below is relevant to you. If you are looking for information regarding the IA Health Link program, access the IA Health Link Frequently Asked Questions.

State Supplementary Assistance

State Supplementary Assistance (SSA) is a fully state-funded program that was designed to meet the additional special needs of aged, blind, and disabled people not met by the standard benefit rate paid by Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Iowa's SSA program covers 6 categories of special needs:

Smoking Cessation Program

Want help with quitting the use of tobacco products and smoking? Medicaid members who are age 18 and over can get the help they need free of charge!