Food Assistance New Format

The Food Assistance Monthly Participation Report (F-1) is a monthly summary of Food Assistance program participation, Statewide and for each Iowa county It contains data starting with July 2016. Breakouts are reported based on whether one or more members received some other form of help from the Department of Human Services, or only Food Assistance (FA): FA/FIP, FA Medical Assistance, FA hawk-I, and FA Only.

For reports prior to July 2016 Click Here
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Monthly Food Assistance Statistical Report
F-1 Month
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2017 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1    
2016             F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1
The F-1 report series is available from the Iowa Publications Online website. A search under "Human Services, Department of" and the desired year will present you with list of applicable reports, including the most current report.