Rates and Payments

The Department purchases Safety Plan Services as one unit of service (15 calendar days) with a defined unit rate.  The Department worker may purchase a unit of services as needed to provide Safety Plan Services for a case with an option to purchase one additional unit of service if safety concerns continue after completion of the first unit.  The maximum reimbursable unit rate for one unit of service will not exceed $580.00.  This is inclusive of performance measure incentive payments.   

The Safety Plan Services contract is a performance-based contract.  A portion of the Contractor’s payment is determined by the outcome of families receiving services.  The following performance measures determine eligibility for performance pay.

Performance Measure 1 - Children are safe in their homes and communities.  Children will not be removed from their homes during Safety Plan Services ($110).

Performance Measure 2 - Children are safe in their homes and communitiesChildren do not suffer maltreatment during Safety Plan Services ($110).